Bearclaw Coffee Hires Live Bear!


Here at Bearclaw Coffee we are an equal opportunity employer. So when this actual bear applied for a position as a “bearista” in our mobile coffee truck we did not discriminate.

Bearclaw Coffee is happy to announce that things are working out just fine with only a few speedbumps.

It has been 4 days since our last bear-related incident!

We’ve only had 3 injuries so far but we figured out that as long as we let him run the entire truck by himself 100% of injuries can be avoided.

”Fostering a safe and diverse work environment is extremely crucial to the success of any local business”, Says our CEO Debi Scroggins. “This bear has an interesting take on how to make coffee that I’m sure our customers will love!”

When asked his thoughts on working for Bearclaw Coffee the bear responded:


BEARCLAW_LOGO High Resolution.png

(No bears were actually hired by Bearclaw Coffee and no persons or bears were harmed in the creation of this post. This post in meant for entertainment purposes only and does not reflect actual events)

Scott HanlinComment